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On any given moment, as the sun rises, my home comes alive with a combination of cuddles, laughter, discovery and beautiful chaos. These are the little things that define my family and not only who we are as individuals, but how we influence one another and the world around us. These moments create my passion for life and work, capturing the essence of relationships, love, tradition, emotion and spirit...the things that make us unique, not only defining our family, but our lives.

The human spirit & inspiration is a strong combination that fills the lens of my camera. I am self taught and have strengthened my talent while photographing my three children as they have grown. I have slowly made a transition through the years as requests from family  + friends became overwhelming, quickly building a photography business. I have now evolved into a highly recognized and sought out camera artist in North Carolina over my ten years in business. The passion and desire to document my client's lives are as strong as if I am photographing my own. I feel that the time with my clients are well spent. For a brief moment the world stops, allowing me the opportunity to preserve what we can never get back. The moments that define love + light as a fine art.